DOT Single Bed

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DOTS Single Bed



A good night's sleep is essential for children and for their ability to learn, focus, remember and to be creative. And a good night's sleep requires a good and comfortable bed. FLEXA offers a wide range of children’s beds for all ages, including babies and toddlers, and even teens.

All our beds are created in long-lasting materials with children and their changing needs in focus. The product range consists of both baby cot and for the older children single beds, mid-high, semi-high and high beds - even bunk beds. A bed for every child and its needs. Children grow up fast and FLEXA designs beds that grow with the child.

Beds for all ages FLEXA beds fit children from the age of 3 months and right through to the teenage years. The FLEXA designs include different collections such as CLASSIC, WHITE, DOTS, BABY and POPSICLE. Each collection offers you a wide range of beds such as single beds, mid-high beds, semi-high beds, high beds and bunk beds. Thanks to the flexible design, you can easily rebuild the bed as your child grows and their needs change. Adding higher legs to a single bed allows you to transform the bed into a mid-high or a high bed.


Good sleep, play and a high quality are essential elements when we design and make our beds. The mid-high bed encourages children to build a cosy den and private space under the bed, where they can play or hide and build their own little world. The space under the semi-high beds and the high beds encourages the child to create storage solutions or, for teens, to create a study area with a desk.