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Playing is one of the most important things for your child's development. Therefore, a children's room should evoke playfulness and overall inspire the little ones to play and have fun. Our FLEXA DOTS collection is created entirely with children’s needs in mind, but still maintains a style that parents want in their home.

Designed by Danish furniture designer Charlotte Høncke, FLEXA DOTS is inspired by children's ways of playing and interacting with each other. Children have a vivid imagination, which is why the FLEXA DOTS collection is full of beautiful colours that fit perfectly with furniture and toys from our other collections. Thus, FLEXA DOTS gives you the opportunity to decorate a functional and aesthetically pleasing children's room with space for both playfulness and practical solutions.


FLEXA DOTS is characterized by its round, organic shapes and soft, Scandinavian shades of colour. The furniture, which includes both a cot, single beds and storage benches, safety rails, play tables, high chairs, shelves, bookshelves and stools, is made of ash and MDF, ensuring high quality durable products.

By combining various pieces of furniture in different colours in the children's rooms, you can easily create your own personal décor style and have the children's room that you and your child likes. Furniture from FLEXA DOTS can also be part of the décor in the common areas of home. You can decorate the living room or kitchen with furniture from FLEXA DOTS, where a play table, high chair or stool as well as various storage furniture can provide a cosy play corner for the little ones. You can also use the storage furniture from FLEXA PLAY in the entryway of the home, the storage bench is a good choice for this room because it provides storage and a place for the little ones to sit down, when they are putting on their shoes.


Functional design and beautiful aesthetics go hand in hand with the furniture from FLEXA DOTS. The beautiful colours and the small details with painted feet on the otherwise raw wooden legs on both beds, play tables, chairs and stools create an easy and playful look. At the same time, the furniture has many practical functions and can easily be incorporated into the existing décor.

The storage bench in particular is a very flexible piece of furniture that can be used both for storage, as a bench to sit on and as a play table when standing or sitting, while, for example, building with bricks, drawing or playing with dolls. The bench is perfect for storing toys, and children can easily open the drawer if they would like to play with a toy that is stored in the bench. The cutout on the drawer ensures that no fingers get caught, and because of the practical rubber wheels under the storage bench, the furniture can be moved around the home in a gentle manner that does not strain the floor.



FLEXA DOTS is an interior design collection in long-lasting materials and soft colours and shapes that stimulate creativity and fill your child's room with a nice and cosy atmosphere. FLEXA DOTS makes children want to spend time in their room and immerse themself in many exciting games and activities, and the furniture fits well into both large and small children's rooms. Decorate with multiple pieces of furniture from the collection together, or combine them in combination with furniture and home accessories from our many other collections. For example, use the storage from FLEXA DOTS in combination with a mid-high bed from the WHITE, NOR, POPSICLE or CLASSIC collections and get more floor space for playtime in the room. FLEXA DOTS offers a pop of colour to an otherwise simple décor in more classic Nordic tones, and the collection makes it easy to turn up and down on how many colourful elements you want in the room.


At FLEXA we take pride in designing with our users in mind, namely the children themselves. We regard children as our most important experts, and for more than 45 years we have continually gained knowledge about children's needs and development. We have done so to meet the wishes of the modern family when it comes decorating a home with space for children, so that we can always offer products that meet the family’s needs.

FLEXA DOTS is - like our other collections - approved by the EU in terms of their safety and quality requirements. You can therefore safely choose products from FLEXA DOTS when decorating your child's room. With FLEXA you get furniture and home accessories in quality materials and a safe, well thought out design. We hope our products can help make everyday life with children a little easier, and that they will have a good start in life.