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Soft textiles are just the thing that ties everything together in a children's room. Pillows help create a comfortable and cosy space, and they are a nice addition to the décor in the room of both younger and older children. Get inspired by the lovely children's pillows from our ROOM collection here, where you can choose pillows for the children's room in a variety of beautiful pastel colours that fit well in both girls’ and boys’ rooms. The pillows are easy to use in the décor and work as the cherry on top that makes the room a nice place to spend lots of time every single day.


Among our textiles for the children’s room you will find pillows from our ROOM collection. The collection consists of everything from rugs and play mattresses to storage baskets, boxes and various beautiful, quilted blankets and pillows in soft Nordic colours. The pastel colours create a calm atmosphere in the room and adds a touch of colour to the interior, without it becoming too much.

At the same time, the colour palette matches our other furniture and other products. In this way it is easy to decorate an inviting children's room with space for our core areas SLEEP, PLAY and STUDY. Having room for both restful sleep and relaxation as well as play and learning is essential to your child's development, and with FLEXA you easily have room for it all.

Our kid’s pillows can be used for many purposes. Use them to add extra comfort in your child’s bed or to decorate a cosy reading nook with soft pillows – if you have a high bed, semi-high or mid-high bed the space underneath will make the perfect nook. There is no such thing as too many pillows.


The stylish, quilted pillows from our ROOM collection are designed in beautiful tone-to-tone colours and have cotton covers that can be removed and washed at 40 degrees when needed. The pillows are Oeko-Tex certified and available in two different sizes – oblong and square. Choose from four different colours. You can either go with pillows in your child's favourite colour, or mix and match different coloured pillows to add a playful touch to the room. The soft colours bring life to a room and makes it a nice space to be in.

You can also combine the kids pillows with other products in the same colour palette from the popular ROOM collection. Here you will find home accessories in a timeless design in durable quality that are absolutely perfect for both older and younger children.


At FLEXA, we have great ambitions for our designs, and that requires us to continuously learn and improve so we can live up to our own standards. Our products must be both safe and functional to use and have a beautiful design made from quality materials. At the same time, it is important to us that joy and playfulness can also be felt in our products so they can be inviting and inspiring for the children's playtime. Children have an incredible imagination and when provided with the optimal environment for stimulating playtime, they can freely let loose and just let their ideas flow.

FLEXA designs products for children and we consider them important ambassadors and experts. Therefore, we strive to learn and gain better insight into children's needs and development, so we can design products that create joy for the family on a daily basis.


Children’s pillows are great for both rough play and more relaxing activities - or simply as decoration in the room. Young children in particular often like to be active, but luckily most can also be persuaded to take part in more quiet activities. Especially when there are lots of soft pillows to sit on or cuddle with, while relaxing and getting ready for more fun activities.

Whether your child is younger or older, pillows for the children's room can make a big difference to the décor of the room. Most children will enjoy soft pillows for the bed, play mattress, reading nook or perhaps the secret cave, where only true friends are allowed to come and play. If you need pillows for your child's room, you can explore our assortment here and order your favourites right away.