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At night your child needs peace and comfort, so that all new impressions can be processed. Quality sleep boosts your child's ability to focus, remember and be creative, just as sleep is crucial to the successful development of your child's learning abilities.


Well-rested children are healthier and happier. They have more energy and a better foundation for learning than children who have had a poor night’s sleep. Our brains aren’t fully developed until the age of 21, and until then a good night's sleep is one of the brain's most important building blocks. It is especially important for younger children to get a good, long sleep every night. And to achieve that, the right mattress is essential FLEXA mattress, which provides a good night's sleep FLEXA offers a range of mattresses and covers for the children respecting their needs. The right mattress is chosen according to your child's weight. Whether if your child has a sensitive skin or allergies, sweats at night or you just want's a mattress for your child, which helps the child's body to breathe and regulate its temperature, you can find the perfect mattress and cover right here.

All the mattresses fit all the FLEXA beds and are available in a size of 190 cm or 200 cm length.