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Toys are the foundation of children’s play, though which they develop invaluable skills. Children are naturally inquisitive and they will likely test their new favourite toy to discover its many possibilities for play that is why FLEXA toys are designed to be sturdy and durable. At FLEXA, we want to cater to the experts of play, namely children that is why we have created the PLAY collection. The wooden toys from our collection are made from quality materials so they can bring joy to children for many years to come, and even be passed on to siblings. All of our toys and products live up to the highest product safety standards – because children deserve the best.


For us, children’s safety is all important when we design furniture and toys aimed to please your little ones. We at FLEXA have taken on the responsibility to make safe, quality products for your children, and as an added bonus – our products are also environment-friendly. We are proud to present to you our PLAY collection that both stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity.

Our products are manufactured from pure natural resources free from any harmful toxins. They comply with EU’s product safety standards, so your child can enjoy safe and stimulating play with FLEXA toys. Everyday experts, namely children, have tested our toys and given them their stamp of approval, so it is a good bet your children will enjoy them too.   


Children absorb the world around them, and are fascinated by everything their parents, siblings, and teachers do, and they are quick to imitate their actions. At FLEXA, we have created our PLAY collection based on role-play, so children can release their imagination and recreate situations from everyday life. 

Our PLAY collection is centred around: The Workbench, The Shop, and The Kitchen each familiar to kids from everyday life. These basic toys can be combined with FLEXA’s other wooden toys to expand the play universe and add additional fun.


Children are keen to role-play and enjoy using their imagination when playing out different scenarios alone or with playmates. Both boys and girls are quick to immerse themselves into different roles, and will try on just about any character they find a prop for. FLEXA toys will help the imagination run wild, while the aesthetically pleasing design of the wooden toys will fit nicely into a living room for spontaneous play, or in a children’s room for hours of undisturbed fun. 

Our children’s wooden toys will boost your child’s creativity and imagination. Role-play teaches children important skills when they explore and experiment while trying on different roles. FLEXA’s toys can be incorporated in the classic role-play scenario of playing house, or maybe your child would like to explore what it is like to be a star chef, a storeowner, or maybe a carpenter. The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative play using the FLEXA toys, and they will ensure hours of exciting playtime.


FLEXA wooden TOYS are designed with focus on quality, both in terms of materials and safety. We carefully choose the materials for all of our products because only the best is good enough for children. FLEXA wooden toys can easily be mixed with children’s furniture from our other collections; DOTS, POPSICLE, NOR, CLASSIC and WHITE. The coherent design throughout the collections, and the fact that the pieces can be combined and built together, makes the FLEXA universe truly unique. Our products are made from natural materials such as: birch, solid beech and cotton. Our soft palette of neutral colours combined with soft, organic shapes can be found throughout our collections, this way products can be mixed and matched to create a safe, inviting, and stylish environment for SLEEP, PLAY and STUDY.

We strive to create products that are both functional but also pleasing to the eye, and our PLAY collection is a manifestation of this objective. We think FLEXA wooden toys are so aesthetically pleasing they can easily be decorative elements and not a thing that needs to be cleared away. This allows for magical moments of spontaneous play to occur when toys are easily accessible. 


At FLEXA, our key objective is to create an environment where children feel safe, inspired, and joyful as they SLEEP, STUDY and DOTS. Especially playfulness is at the forefront of everything we aspire to create. One of the keystones in childhood is playing, and though play children develop important skills and discover themselves and let their personalities unfold. Children are at the heart of everything we do at FLEXA, and with our wooden toys children’s imagination can run wild in a world where they can be whomever their want to. Explore our selection of wooden toys, and witness your child’s world unfold with new possibilities and dreams.

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